Kratom in Finland for legitimate reason?

My apologies for not being able to speak Finnish well.

I am moving to Finland soon from US (I have dual Finnish and American citizenship. My family is originally from Finland). I have a bad spine injury and nerve damage in my leg. I had surgery on my back but it hasn’t helped for pain. I use kratom currently to help with pain and to keep active. It’s the only thing that had helped me. Painkillers make me too tired and sick. Is there any possible way to get kratom in Finland? A doctor prescription?


Voiko kratomia mitenkään saada Suomessa laillisesti? Olen ymmärtänyt, että siihen tarvitaan resepti, mutta miten tällaisen reseptin saa?

Loukkasin selkäni pahasti ja seurauksena kärsin hermosärystä. Kävin leikkauksessa, mutta olen huomannut ainoastaan kratomin auttavan kipuun. Kratom sopii minulle paljon paremmin kuin opiaattipohjaiset kipulääkkeet. Enkä tosiaankaan käytä kratomia saadakseni päätäni sekaisin vaan ainoastaan kivunhallintaan.

No. I don’t think it’s possible. Kratom is not considered a legitimate medicine as far as I know. You could try ordering kratom somewhere from internet but you would risk having trouble with customs or even get fined (?). Not sure.

Thank you. I don’t want to violate any laws. Still, it’s a misunderstood substance and unfortunate that it’s banned. It’s not as dirty feeling or addictive as normal pain medications like vicodin, percocet, and oxycodone. I would rather have kratom to manage pain than any of those. :frowning:

Kratom is not very well known plant in Finland. I think if you can get seeds from somewhere, you can krow it on your yard,balcony or on the window. I don’t think even narkomaniacs or policemen regognice the plant. if you grow it in your closet under certain kind of lamp, maybe they will have some suspects… I even grow hemp on my backyard, where very many neigbours and by passers could see them daily. Some ask wich plant it is and I said it’s hemp. Police never visited, but it was not kind of hemp that contains THC anyway…

I tried to order it from the web sometime ago and it went to customs. Never got it but didn’t get any punishment either. If you don’t want to brake the law and order onnline then sadly I don’t believe you have much options in this country of full of mindles restrictions. Maybe you could try the growing tip.

Or you could maybe try to find a doctor who is willing to write you ‘ex tempore’ script for kratom. I’m not sure if that is possible but I believe it depends much of a doctor and there isn’t necessarily restrictions in law for that kind of procedure.

I mean if you get ‘ex tempore’ script for kratom then finnish pharmacys should give you kratom or if that aint possible (wich might be the case) then you are allowed to order it online from ETA- region countries (most EU countries I think) but it might have been that the place you are ordering has to be legitimate pharmacy. You could try to find if there are places in Europe where to buy kratom and ask from you doctor if its possible to use that option.

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Several times I have always got it through. But I have changed to full agonist. Nowadays there’s one additional curve. If you don’t want to pay custom taxes, you need to order from EU if you order more than total value of 22 euros with delivery. That’s a pity because US is so much ahead with natural products.

Now they are planning free trade, the politicians. We really need to keep our side, instead of allowing large companies to do what ever they want, like making government to set more limits for individuals for the benefit of large corporations.