flow (useless junk)

In order to increase semantics in several areas of coherency, one must always keep the oversight in development overtures in case of sudden rushes occur. In time the effects diminish and overwhelming helpness and sheer volume of snotrags ensues. No relation to other impairment theories correlated vastly by overrun jacks and whistles singing slightly altered tune from 1964. If there’s fire there’s oil, said the man and fled the scene.
But factually speaking there has never been any incidents related to death in living test subjects and probably never will. Now i heard the other day gusts of wind were vandalising old barn walls, it seems odd, but somehow i think i’ve heard that before…
Could there be better value for money. Surely yes, but then we wouldn’t get any cowmilk and that is even worse when you think about it…hmm…ever had to endure long talks and short walks, well no more. The solution is diagonally infertile objector. It’ll come in handy whenever you need help to mow the carpet in a bus. Now something entirely different…

Seems legit.
Can’t find the red line in this story!?!
And you have english words in your txt, that doesen’t even exist. :mrgreen: