Hello everyone!

Congratulations for recognizing your problem and trying to find help, that’s what they call the ‘Step 1’ in Alcoholics Anonymous… Unfortunately, one often sees people who have lost their job, their family and their physical health to alcohol before they finally stop denying that they can’t control their drinking.

I personally recognized my problem two years ago, after having a two-week bender and experiencing alcohol withdrawal (shakes, sweating, anxiety, etc.). Unfortunately I haven’t yet gotten completely sober and I often relapse to my old drinking habits.

I think there are many educated people on this forum who can communicate relatively smoothly in English, good luck in finding new friends.

Also, if you want to write to international Alcoholism support forums, you could try something like soberrecovery.com/forums/ .

Good luck!


Congratulations for finding this page, hopefully you will find it usefull.

I don’t know do you want to define yourself as alcoholic. At least it sounds like you would like to keep back door open for drinking. It is your choice of course.

Personally I am an alcoholic and I am finally and again trying to reach sober life style with the help of AA. But if you want to write me on person my anonymous e-mail address is jaakko.jokunen@hotmail.fi.

-Jokke, alcoholic

That depends on what kind of social circles you are part of. Some working class people might have a prejudice that the only people who don’t drink are “religious fanatics” or former alcoholics.

I have a master’s degree in applied physics and I work as a researcher in university. In that kind of an environment there are lots of people who don’t want to have anything to do with drinking, smoking or drugs and no one is surprised if someone doesn’t want to drink. I actually have a friend there who is 30 years old and
AFAIK he’s never taken even one sip of alcohol in his life!

Sorry if I labeled you with the word “alcoholic” too hastily.